Cookbook Information

Henry Fork Service Center is assembling another cookbook!

As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we are asking for your assistance.  We hope to publish a 50 year remembrances and recipes cookbook.   We have heard many wonderful stories of Charlotte Seegars, Susan Putnam, and others, and hope you will share those stories with your favorite recipes.  There’s only one condition—the story must be told in 375 characters or less; that’s 4 1/2 lines of type.  Of course, we could continue the story, but you have to send more than one recipe!!  Forms will also be available in our office and on the website, and we will be glad to send you one or several. Please call us at 540-483-2819 with any questions.  Thanks!

Here’s an example of my remembrance:

One of my favorite activities at HFSC is hiking.  One day each week during the summer program, the classes go hiking.  We go all over Franklin County – the Rec Park, Waid Park, Grassy Hill Slope, Booker T. Washington Park, and others.  The students spend time out of doors, learn that we can get tired and recover, and have conversations with friends about everything.  (368 characters)


Thank you for sharing your remembrances and recipes with Henry Fork Center for our 50th Anniversary Celebration cookbook. Please know that your remembrance is limited to 375 characters (4 ½ lines). Please list the ingredients for the recipe, then the directions for the dish. Use the back of the page or another page if necessary. The deadline for submission is August 1, 2017, but earlier is always better!
Since Henry Fork Center works with children and youth, consider sharing your family’s favorite recipes or child-friendly recipes. Thank you!

You may download the form to mail in by clicking here OR fill it out online to submit via email here