After School

     The Afterschool program begins at 2:30 when the van with Lee M. Waid Elementary School students arrives at the Center.  The Sontag Elementary buses arrive between 3:10 and 3:15 and Middle School bus arrives at 3:35.  By the time the last bus arrives, there are 55-65 students in the Pennel Building.

Afterschool students are divided by grade level with four classes and 2 teachers in most classes.  Pre-K – 1, 2nd -3rd, 4th – 5th, and Middle School classes participate in nutrition, Christian Education, help with homework, and recreation each afternoon.  Nutritious food is provided by the USDA and Feeding America of Southwest VA, and menus are posted in each classroom.  The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Christian Education this fall is focusing on the families of the Old Testament including Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, and Jonah.  We will be using “A Different Kind of Christmas” by Mike Slaughter and Sally Hoelscher for our Advent/Christmas activities and will study the Lord’s Prayer in 2014.

We load the three 15 passenger vans to take students home at 5:00. Students whose parents do not pick them up live within a three mile radius of the Henry Fork Service Center.  By 5:30, all vans are back, the building is cleaned by non-driving teachers, and we’re getting ready for the next day.


Preparing for Standard of Learning Tests


A time to prepare for upcoming SOL