After School


The Afterschool program begins at 2:30 when the van with Lee M. Waid Elementary School students arrives at the Center.  The Sontag Elementary bus arrives between 3:20 and 3:25 and Middle School bus arrives around 3:35.

Afterschool students are divided by grade level with three classes and 2 teachers in each of the classes.  Pre-K – 1st grade, 2nd & 3rd grade, and 4th, 5th, and Middle School classes participate in nutrition, Christian Education, help with homework, and recreation each afternoon.  Nutritious food is provided by the USDA, VDOE and Feeding Southwest VA, and menus are posted at the buildings entrance.  The USDA and VDOE are an equal opportunity providers and employers.

Christian Education in the fall focuses on the stories of the Old Testament.  Students spend time studying Creation, Adam & Eve, Joseph, Joshua, and many others as they learn about Biblical life leading up to the birth of Christ.  In the spring, Bible stories focus on the life and ministry of Jesus.  The staff work together to plan and implement the chosen stories for each weekly theme.

We load the 15 passenger and 7 passenger vans to take students home at 5:00. Students whose parents do not pick them up live within a three mile radius of the Henry Fork Service Center.  By 5:30, all vans are back, the building is cleaned by non-driving teachers, and we’re getting ready for the next day.